Membership application form

    I. Type of membership desired

    • Individual member (membership fee: 10,000 yen; annual dues: 10,000 yen (the member will be exempt from dues for the year of membership))
      *Individuals who practice or research arbitration, ADR, or related areas or who are interested in those processes.

    • Corporate member (annual dues: 10,000 yen per membership, 10 or more memberships)

      *Companies or other organizations that agree with the JAA’s aims and that wish to help with the JAA’s efforts.

    • Supporting member (annual dues: 10,000 yen per membership, 3 or more memberships)
      *Companies or other organizations that agree with the JAA’s aims and that wish to support the JAA’s efforts. Supporting members do not have the right to request convocation of a General Meeting or voting rights at a General Meeting.

    II. Full name and Affiliation/Occupation (individual members)
    Name of organization, representative, and point of contact (corporate members and supporting members)

    Individual members

    Full name


    Corporate members and supporting members

    Name of organization


    Point of contact

    III. Contact information

    Postal code


    Phone number

    Fax number


    E-Mail (Confirmation)


    IV. Purpose of membership

    Please indicate your reason for seeking membership and if you have been involved in arbitration or not. The information you provide will be shared with the directors once your membership has been approved.

    V. Purposes of use of personal information (individual members)

    The JAA will use the member’s name and contact address to prepare and maintain a roster of Association members (a membership list). Personal information (name and contact address as well as other information, such as information on the membership application) obtained from members will only be used with the scope of the following purposes of use.

    Purposes of Use

    • To send a notice of or invitation to various JAA events, such as a General Meeting, training courses, workshop, or lectures, or to contact a member, which includes sending the Association Newsletter.

    • To receive applications from members to participate in various JAA events.

    • To submit materials requested by relevant authorities.

    • To promote collaboration and cooperation among practitioners and researchers, such as referrals to arbitrators and mediators and communication among members.

    • To receive and manage various expenses, including annual dues.

    • To use in reference materials to plan and conduct various JAA events, such as training programs and lectures.

    • For other administrative tasks required to fulfill the aims of the JAA.

    Having read and agreed to the JAA’s Articles of Incorporation, Rules on Dues, and the Privacy Policy and having checked all of the information listed in the membership application form, I hereby apply for membership in the JAA.

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    No confirmation screen will be displayed. Do you still wish to submit the entered information?

    About the membership application form

    • You will be notified once the submitted information is confirmed by the Secretariat.
    • After you submit the form, an autoreply will be sent to the e-mail address you entered. If you do not receive an autoreply, please check your spam mail settings.
    • If you cannot submit the form or you do not receive an autoreply, please contact the Secretariat (For inquiries *A new window will open).