List of Directors and Auditors

(as of April 1, 2023)

  Title Name Occupation/Affiliation
1 President Haruo Okada Attorney-at-law; Chief Director of JIMC-Kyoto
2 Vice President Hiroyuki Tezuka Attorney-at-law
3 Managing Director Isomi Suzuki Attorney-at-law
4 Managing Director Yoshihiro Takatori Attorney-at-law・Joint-representative at Japan Chapter of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (ClArb.)
5 Managing Director Yoshimi Takemoto
(Yoshimi Ohara)
6 Managing Director Masanori Tanabe Attorney-at-law
7 Managing Director Hiroe Toyoshima Attorney-at-law
8 Managing Director Teppei Mogi Attorney-at-law
9 Director Yumiko Ichige Attorney-at-law
10 Director Naoki Idei Attorney-at-law
11 Director Kazuto Inaba Professor of Chukyo University Law School
12 Director Aoi Inoue Attorney-at-law
13 Director Masaharu Onuki Representative of GBC Onuki Research Institute
14 Director Akitsuyu Ogawa Attorney-at-law
15 Director Satoshi Kawai Attorney-at-law
16 Director Shinji Kusakabe Attorney-at-law
17 Director Ai Kuroda Attorney-at-law
18 Director
(Head of Kansai Branch)
Masafumi Kodama Attorne-at-law
19 Director Kazuhiro Kobayashi Attorney-at-law
20 Director Mugi Sekido Attorney-at-law
21 Director Naoshi Takasugi Professor of Doshisha University, Faculty of Law Department of Law; Deputy Chief Director of JIMC-Kyoto
22 Director Mitsuko Tanaka
(Mitsuko Miyagawa)
23 Director Tony Andriotis Attorney-at-law qualified in the State of New York, the United States of America, and registered as Gaikokuho-jimu-bengoshi in Japan
24 Director Junichi Tobimatsu Attorney-at-law
25 Director Chie Nakahara Attorney-at-law
26 Director Kosuke Nobata Attorney-at-law
27 Director Yoshihisa Hayakawa Attorney-at-law; Professor at Rikkyo University
28 Director Akira Watanabe Attorney-at-law
29 Auditor Yoshihiro Takenoshita Attorney-at-law
30 Auditor Shinichiro Sakagami Certified Public Accountant